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How it works

100% no-code, ready in minutes

Mint or bring your own token

Variable or fixed supply? No problem, you have options.

Token management solution

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Meet the crew

Vivian Law


Nisha Foo


Lawrence Hui

Payload CommanderFounder

Kevin Brisebois

Propulsion EngineerHead of Growth

Ivan Ivezic

Payload SpecialistFull Stack Engineer

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What tokens do you currently support?

Currently VTVL allows founders to either 1) mint a new ERC-20 token or 2) Import an existing from any of the blockchains we are compatible with including: Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Fantom, Cronos and Aurora.

Can I create smart contracts for multiple addresses in one go?

Yes. We have incorporated a “template” feature in which you can use a single smart contract for multiple vesting schedules to save time and money.

Are token distributions fully automated or do I still have to manually approve?

Once a time based vesting schedule is created and approved, tokens will be distributed automatically based on the parameters defined in the smart contract. No further manual approval is required for the duration of the vesting period.

Has  VTVL  replaced 'thebacker' branding?

Yes. VTVL has now replaced “TheBacker” as our primary branding as our business is focused more specifically on no-code tools and token management solutions for Web3 founders and investors.

How much does  VTVL  cost to use?

Currently VTVL is rewarding early adopters of our token management solutions access for FREE. Additional details regarding cost of services is scheduled to be shared in late 2023.

Does  VTVL  take custody of the tokens?

VTVL is a non-custodian service. Any tokens which are minted or vesting will remain in a founder’s wallet and directly transferred to the third party wallet appointed in the smart contract.

What digital wallets are compatible with the  VTVL  platform?

VTVL supports Metamask and all wallets that are compatible with WalletConnect - such as Trust Wallet, Rainbow, Gnosis Safe and more.

Have you been audited?

Yes, the smart contract VTVL created has been audited by Quantstamp and Certik in May 2022.

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